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Skyline - Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Aligns with GeoData Technologies

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World has joined forces with GeoData Technologies to make the company's SiteSeer3D software available to the network's 600 real estate firms.

The alliance falls under LeadingRE's Leading Real Estate Solutions division, which endorses fine real estate products.

SiteSeer3D provides web based 3D virtual realty technology for real estate agents and their clients by combining 3D visualization, property search, collaboration and marketing into an integrated suite of tools. SiteSeer3D utilizes high resolution, photorealistic aerial imagery and parcel maps to visualize properties, panoramic views and topography in full 3D. The technology results in more professional buyer presentations using plasma TVs, laptops and remotely over the Internet using interactive websites.  

"GeoData offers new and innovative technology to support real estate professionals on a number of levels," notes LeadingRE Vice President Phil Edwards. "By providing a uniquely informative and interactive way to share home and area information with home buyers, SiteSeer3D can impact agent productivity and offer a competitive advantage."

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